Wild Remedies Chaga

100% Vegan | 100% Wild and Hand Harvested

“Plant-powered diet and medicine has been a massive part on my journey to health. I suffered with mental and physical illness for almost half of my life (depression, anxiety disorder, several surgeries, high blood pressure, extreme dieting that caused me to lose my gallbladder, substance abuse)”. 
Krysta Francoeur

Krysta Francoeur knew that she had to do something about her health.  Depressed, overweight and in pain from the symptoms of fibromyalgia, she would wake up every morning with her first thought being one of shame at the way her body looked and felt. 

But after watching the documentary “Food Matters”, Krysta changed her way of thinking. She became angry at the companies who were deliberately distributing nutrient-free “food” and the culture of toxic convenience. 

She made the decision to start putting real, vibrant things into her body to see what would happen. For the first time, she focused on health instead of looks. And it worked! 

After changing to a combination of a plant-focused diet, juicing, meditation and spiritual practice, lots of exercise, a new-found connection to nature, and only one necessary prescription (she used to be on 7), she could shed 50 lbs. and acquire energy, mental stability, and confidence that she didn’t think was possible. 

Having experienced a miraculous change, Krysta knew she had to share the magical medicinal mushroom chaga with the world and founded Wild Remedies. Merging her love of nature, plant medicine, and chaga, her mission is to discover new wild remedies from all over the globe to reach optimal health, and strive for health and balance, rather than perfection. 

Krysta would like to invite you to heal together! She would like to hear YOUR health successes (and failures), natural remedies, health hacks, and goals, so that together you can share, support, and help others and the planet THRIVE.

  • Boost your immunity
  • Fight free radicals that cause disease and aging
  • Promote skin elasticity and health
  • Combat skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Lower cholesterol and balance blood pressure
  • Support the liver
  • Alleviate gastritis
  • Increase energy levels
  • Help the body to maintain a healthy balance
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