Meet Vanessa Dunleavy

Spirit Animal: Slow Loris

5 Things That Stir Vanessa’s Soul:

• Dance parties.  Watch OUT for Vanessa's moves...

• Eye gazing with babies

• Traveling to new places and meeting locals

• Good coffee

• Belly laughing with family and friends


Vanessa found yoga while working as a professional singer-dancer in New York City.  Her yoga practice started as a way for me to take care of her body, but it has become the way she takes care of her soul.  Finding connection to her body through Asana practice served as the entry point for Vanessa; bringing her a deeper understanding of who she is, how she wants to show up in this world, and how she takes care of herself and others.



“I believe that through mindfulness, breath work and self-inquiry, we can start to recognize the harmful patterns in our lives and learn how to heal ourselves: body, mind and spirit.  

As a teacher, my goal is to help students translate what they learn on the mat, into their everyday lives.  Yoga is practiced in our kitchens.  At our desks.  Through our relationships.  It is present in our challenges, and our triumphs. When we can bring our Yoga into our lives in a tangible way, we can heal.”