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valeur absolue

"Wellness has never been so beautiful"

The Confluence of Luxury Fragrance and Well Being, a Beautiful Line of Energetically Infused Scents to Lift Your Spirit and Take Your Breath Away

These beautiful perfumes are enriched with natural ingredients recognized for their positive virtues on psychology:  
essential oils, trace elements, immortelle flower extract, semi-precious stones. 

Fragrances do not contain PCM, no phthalates, no chemical UV filters, no colorants, no CMR. 

They are not tested on animals. 

They offer a perfect balance between well-being and pure pleasure. 

High perfumery enriched in well-being. 

With Absolute Value, Haute Parfumerie takes on a new face. 

Our fragrances are created by the largest perfumers based on ingredients of exceptional quality. 

Each bottle, assembled by hand in the South of France, contains semi-precious stones that sublimate the emotion of each perfume

Select from: 


Bright, full and generous, assumed, mysterious, complex sometimes: Absolute Value Sensuality embodies the sensuality of a serene woman, beautiful and sure of her. 


Its color evokes a summer sky, a clear lagoon on the Pacific coast: a peaceful parenthesis where to unload superfluous and quietly and silently reconnect with the most authentic part of oneself.  


Absolute Value Joy-Eclat is inspired by everyday happiness: a sunny day, the benevolent sensation of an accomplished task, a sweet word that touches us, the radiant smile of a friend, a shared burst of laughter ... 


Allied with complicated days and the race against time, Absolute Value Harmony promotes the letting go and the return to the essential values, when the daily is no more than a chain of tasks to accomplish. How about taking a moment by the fireside, savoring a   delicately perfumed tea , letting your thoughts wander, allowing you to enjoy the present moment to better recognize happiness when it presents itself? =


Add to your day a touch of sun, a zest of impertinence, a current of fresh air like a spring morning: Vitality awakens in you the same feelings of enthusiasm and joy that the end of winter. 


Imagine an invisible shield that would define your space and protect you from the judgments of others. An armor of softness, refined and warm, on which to support you, the back straight and chin lifted, the days when you need to assert yourself more.


Living, seductive, radiant, this is how we feel each time that passion inhabits us ... 

The beauty is magnified, the red comes to our cheeks, the feelings gain in intensity and we become the best version of ourselves.

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