Meet suzanne caesar

Spirit Animal: Cougar

5 Things That Stir Suzanne's Soul:

• A big view of the sky on a clear night

• Ecstatically dancing like a wild woman to my favorite tunes

• Flowers

• Preparing a home made meal to share with loved ones

• Being in nature…at the beach, in the mountains, in a city park


After earning a B.A. in Literature and Communications from PACE University and working in the corporate world, Suzanne took a leap of faith and stepped back to her passion and love of dance. She has performed at such venues as Dance Theatre Workshop, the American Museum of Natural History, the Dia Art Foundation and Sony Plaza. After touring abroad, Suzanne returned and received her M.A in Dance from NYU. Dancing her way through two pregnancies inspired Suzanne to create Maternal DanceTM, a prenatal dance program which set the standard for the industry. She went on to produce The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout DVD, endorsed by the March of Dimes, and Rhythm For LifeTM was born. She has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel, NY1 News and FoxNews, and regularly seen in Self, Pilates Style and BellaNYC magazines. Suzanne uses the ritual of dance to empower, support and celebrate women, connecting them to their source of sexual and creative power that is their birthright. She presents this message with movement as a guest lecturer and speaker at corporate conferences, special events and retreats. Suzanne is currently choreographing an original production called, The HERA Odyssey, drawing from her love of dance history and the ritual of dance to tell “herstory," for empowerment and transformation. For speaking or booking performances contact, or for more information about upcoming workshops, classes and events, visit


Why You’ll Love Dancing with Suzanne Caesar

Suzanne will forever change the way you feel about dance.  Taking her class will awaken your senses, ignite your soul and clear up blocked energy. 

Incorporating ancient movements with tribal music, Suzanne has tapped into her choreographic creativity to develop a routine that will leave you feeling alive, energized and rejuvenated.