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Revita 5 - One size does not fit all


Where most programs focus on calories, fitness, and looking good, REVITA5 focuses on your wellbeing so you can experience freedom, strength, and vitality. 

Instead of giving you a quick fix that only works for the short term, REVITA5 is designed to empower you to heal and restore your burnt out body through real food, therapeutic movement, and mindfulness practices that are UNIQUE TO YOUR BODY’S NEEDS! 

At Revita 5 they know that one size does not fit all.  That’s why they created this incredible wearable technology that takes the guesswork out of “How should I workout?” “What should I eat?” “What’s good for my body?” 
The best part is, the entire program fits in your back pocket, saving you time, keeping it super simple, and easy to access. 


REVITA5 changes the game by leveraging the power of heart rate variability (HRV) technology. HRV is a little known biomarker that transmits subtle yet powerful messages about your body’s needs. 

Think of it as an energy thermometer that determines your perfect workout, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. HRV coupled with holistic living, sets you up for a life of freedom in your body, mind, and spirit.