Mythologie Skincare


Mythologie’s mission is to offer luxurious holistic organic, wildcrafted plant based facial oils that give you healthy radiant skin, support you in deepening your connection with yourself and awakening to your soul’s exquisite beauty.

Mythologie uses pure botanical ingredients that bring the healing power of nature to your skin and into your life. Using some of the most precious and sought-after oils in the world, their base oils are raw virgin cold pressed organic or wild, therefore keeping their potent nutritive value. Loaded with vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, (omega 3. 5, 6, 7 and 9), our oils absorb easily and deeply into your skin, allowing for cellular regeneration, hydration, toning and clarifying.

They have looked long and hard to find powerful therapeutic-grade herbal extracts and essential oils that bring results. Their essential oils are steam distilled and many are organic.  

Their products are non-toxic and free of fillers, synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, mineral oils and petroleum.

They never test their products on animals. They love animals and have a deep respect for the earth and all things living. Every action they take and every ingredient they use is in accord with these values. It is their intention to bring joy and beauty into your life and to the world.

To add Mythologie Facial Oils to your skincare regime, simply place 4-10 drops of il onto your palms. Gradually massage the oil into your face and neck area in an gentle upward motion. Softly pat the area around your eyes. Remember to take your time and breath in the delicious scent of the oil. This is your precious self-care time. Close your eyes for a moment and give yourself the space to enjoy. Using Mythologie oils will calm your mind and give you beautiful radiant skin.