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Meet Maryl Hosking

Spirit Animal: Osprey             

Five things that stir her soul:

• Being alone on her stand up paddle board with only the rocking water beneath and the distant shore visible.

• Crystals, gemstones, and rocks of all shapes and sizes.

• Creating Crystal Grids

• Eating homegrown food

• Sunrises and sunsets


Maryl’s love for crystals and energy work began in her teenage years. After a successful career in the arts and a contented life raising children, Maryl realized that a piece of her life's puzzle was missing. Shortly after seeing an energy healer, Maryl discovered her purpose, and found herself back on her original path that began decades earlier. All of Maryl’s experiences have brought her to this point, where she can be of service to you with her energetically transformative crystal grids by Grid Vibrations and Joy Blended Healing practice.

In addition to being a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer, Maryl is trained in the Vogel crystal healing technique, Architect of Aroma Reiki, Student of EFT (tapping), Energy Leadership and the Law of Attraction. She is a perpetual student of different healing techniques, and so her bag of tools is continuously growing.

What I Do:

Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Creatrix of customized and focused energy crystal grids, Teacher, Founder of Joy Blended Healing and Crystal Vibrations, a New York City based practice.


Let Maryl open the pathway to connect you to your strength within.