Meet Lynne Dominick

Spirit Animal: Otter

5 Things That Stir Lynne’s Soul: 

• A Snowcapped Mountain      

• Rainbows              

• The South of France     

• A Roaring Fire                    

• A Great Novel


Lynne Dominick is a Business Solution Strategist, Transformational Coach and Holistic Beauty and Wellness Advocate.  Lynne spent two decades in the publishing industry working with some of the country’s top beauty editors, including Vogue, Allure, ELLE, SELF and InStyle, before leaving the corporate world to embrace the life of an entrepreneur.   

As a Founding Partner of Body Soul Beauty, Lynne has been able to bring her experience and beauty advocacy full circle, helping to create a showcase for natural skincare and holistic wellness brands created for women, by women. 

In addition to being a founding partner of Body Soul Beauty, Lynne is also the CEO and Founder of Kismet Alchemy, a life coaching practice. 


Lynne has been interested in spiritual development as far back as she can remember. Intuitive, perceptive and aware, that interest has grown exponentially during the development of Body Soul Beauty.  It was during this period that she was introduced to Human Design, a system based on your birth data, that offers the opportunity to discover your individual and differentiated nature.  

Lynne’s interest soon turned to passion and intensive study of this system.  Incorporating the principles of Human Design along her life coaching strategies, Lynne has developed “Destiny by Design” a reading and workshop which results in a unique individual blueprint to living an authentic, fulfilling life.