Meet Lauren H. Carter

Spirit Animal: Jaguar

5 Things That Stir Lauren’s Soul:

• Color

• Nature

• Caribbean carnival and dancing in general

• Family

• My work serving others as a healer and artist

Working with Lauren

Lauren H. Carter provides transformational whole being healing through shamanic energy medicine and fine art. Working with Lauren is a unique and profound experience. Her clients say it best…“the positive life effects noticed after working with Lauren are unbelievable, indescribable, and undeniable. She has an immense gift to intuitively help you with the causes of your blocked energies. The overall well-being of the physical, mental, emotional, financial, creative, and spirit body are greatly empowered. The connection to this work has shaped, inspired, and guided my life before, and throughout a horrible life altering accident. I would not have survived if not for this connection; she helped me find the infinite source of my personal power."

"I sought healing support from Lauren after a traumatic car accident.  I physically recovered but the psychological recovery was much more difficult.  I worked with a therapist and a practitioner of EMDR, which helps people recover from trauma.  While each of these modalities were beneficial, I continued to struggle with manifestations of the trauma in my interpersonal relationships.  It was this difficulty that lead me to Lauren.  I knew of her healing work but this was my first experience receiving a healing.  I immediately felt supported by Lauren's kind and gentle ways as well as her knowledge of shamanistic healing.  The healing left me with a knowing that I am protected; that no matter what happens, I am protected.  This was not an intellectual experience and it was different from my religious beliefs of a power greater than us.  This was an integrated experience of body, mind and spirit.  The benefits from this healing were not temporary but rather a healing that will stay with me forever.  I am very grateful for the work Lauren is doing and for the gift of her healing.”


SAIWA Healing | Arts is a dynamic healing practice founded by Lauren Haimelin Carter. Lauren is a Shaman and Fine Artist who has been practicing art all her life, and shamanic healing since 2004.

After a long bout with undiagnosed anxiety that caused debilitating stomach pains, she was directed by her nurse practitioner to a shaman in Cold Spring, NY. Shortly after experiencing the amazing benefits of this work, and while she was busy conquering the anxiety, she started to train as a shaman and light body healer. She practices in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero people and is deeply grateful for this rich healing path that presented itself as a result of a challenge.

Lauren’s work as a shaman deeply informs and encourages her work as a fine artist and vice versa. Her art is often directly related to shamanic experiences, and at times a healing will only occur as the result of creating a drawing or painting to release an energetic pattern. The tools of art and shamanic healing both enlighten and enrich each other in Lauren’s practice. These amazing tools have created a legacy of deep and powerful healing for Lauren and her clients.