Kismet Alchemy Flower Essences
Customized Flower Essences 

Increase Your Vibration and Emotional Wellbeing

Flower Essences are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant that when distilled, act as healing agents and catalysts for change at the emotional level.  Flower Essences do not contain flower extractions or any of the physical parts of the plant - only the essence which is what contains its healing vibration.

Developed to work with your specific type, we have created a special line of Flower Essences based on the *Human Design System.

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Strength:  To initiate, Act Boldly

Flower Alchemy:  Solomon Seal + Daylily +  Asparagus + Yucca

  • Allows initiating with confidence, clarity and attunement of full-body alignment

  • Allows rejuvenation in between bursts of creativity

  • Encourages and helps develop the practice of informing others of your actions

  • Promotes gracious cooperation and coordination with others

  • Helps one exercise patience and tolerance with self and others

  • Cultivates appreciation and trust

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Strength:  To Build

Flower Alchemy:  Asian Lily + Grape Hyacinth + Daylily

  • Allows initiating boldly and confidently when acting in response

  • Cultivates awareness and expression through guttural voice

  • Honors sacral energy and alignment for the right decision and action

  • Promotes patience and perseverance despite feeling stuck

  • Allows surrender to inner transformation

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Manifesting Generator

Strength: To Build, Multi-Task

Flower Alchemy: Asparagus + Daylily + Tiger Lily

  • Allows initiating boldly and confidently when acting in response

  • Promotes clarity, focus and perseverance

  • Helps one exercise patience and tolerance with self and others

  • Allows rejuvenation in between bursts of creativity

  • Supports creativity and facilitates insight for balanced expression

  • Honors sacral energy and alignment for the right decision and action

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Strength:  To Guide, To Teach

Flower Alchemy:  Asparagus + Wild Pink Tulip + Yucca

Mental Emotional Shift  

  • Facilitates leadership, guidance and wisdom from a higher perspective

  • Encourages self-worth and supports constant flow of self-love and self-acceptance

  • Promotes patience, allowing for the discriminant choice of invitations

  • Allows recognition and appreciation of another’s talents and capabilities

  • Minimizes feelings of burnout while shifting strategy from doing to guiding

  • Promotes rejuvenation and well being

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Strength:  To Promote Peace & Prosperity

Flower Alchemy: Star of Bethlehem + Greenbriar + Red Onion

  • Helps maintain consistency

  • Protects against over sensitivity

  • Protects against over intake of negativity from outside influences

  • Attracts grounding energy

*To discover your Human Design type, send your request to:

Please include your date, month, year, time and place of birth.


Clearing Your Space

Have you ever walked into a room and immediate felt the energy?  Was it uplifting, unsettling, or scattered? 


Spaces have an energetic vibration.  For centuries, mystics, shamans and healers have used sage to clear negative energy from confined spaces, allowing positive energy to flow in its place.

We know you can buy smudge sticks anywhere, but we’ve chosen to carry the Clearing Energy Wands from Good Living Is Glam as they are not only gorgeous, they are crafted of the purest herbs available.

It's important to make sure you're bringing good energy into your home, especially when using that item to cleanse the energy around you. Our ritual products are free of toxins, ethically harvested and come from farms and resources that are trusted.

Whether you choose to use your wand for a New Moon Ritual, or to add positive energy to your space on a daily basis, prepare to be enchanted!

How to Sage


Step 1

Prepare your ritual space with a heat proof bowl or abalone shell to hold your smudge stick. Think of your intention that you will repeat throughout your ritual.  


Step 2

Light a candle or long match to ensure you have a continuous flame.


Step 3

With the candle or long match, light the entire tip of the smudge stick evenly.


Step 4

Let the flame go for a few seconds.


Step 5

The flame should die down slowly, however if it does not, blow out the flame to let the plume of smoke activate in the air.


Step 6

While you take your smudge stick to each corner of your home repeating your intention, hold the stick over the bowl to catch any ashes as the smoke releases into the air. You can also sage your body, keeping the smudge stick a safe distance from your body. 

Born on the East Coast, Infused with the Casual Cool Style of the West Coast for Beach Babes and Bohemian Goddesses Alike


“Indulgences for the Senses Rooted in Simplicity……Tropic-Inspired. USA Made”


Baja Zen is a collection of lush products for the Body Mind and Home created for the casual luxe lifestyle that you aspire to.  Products are made in small batches with the upmost care and precision, using the best quality materials including fine fragrances, luxe oils and natural botanicals and exfoliants.

Moon Batch Candles


Discover the magical spell of Moon Batch Candles.

Hand poured during the full moon and created with intention for abundance and blessings. Each candle features its own unique charged quartz crystal for healing properties and enhanced positive energy.

Light the wick, close your eyes and release your tension. As you breathe in the lovely scent and watch the candle burn, focus on what you wish to manifest. After the candle burns down you can use the crystal as a talisman.