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Meet Jennifer Goldman


Spirit Animal: Spider

5 Things That Stir Jennifer's soul:

• The ability to lend an open heart to someone in need

• My passion to heal and support others from my own personal experience         

• Being immersed in nature of all forms

• Exploring a new place or city I haven't been to before

• Meeting someone new and sparking a genuine connection


Jennifer Rose Goldman embarked on a journey of self-discovery at age 16 after she was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. A series of drastic and unexpected circumstances catalyzed her desire to become her own healer. As a result, she deep-dove into the world of holistic healing, studying extensively the practices of yoga, meditation, energy healing, herbalism and aromatherapy. She is a 300-hour Certified Advanced Aromatherapist, as well as a three-times 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini traditions. She is also the Founder of holistic lifestyle brand Essential Rose Life, which offers essential oil based beauty products and herbal teas. Jennifer is dedicated to empowering others to experience their own healing as well as a deepened sense of self-love, which she believes is the foundation of true beauty and wellbeing.


The rituals I offer integrate my experience with yoga, aromatherapy, and medicinal plants, as well as my own personal journey of healing. They are cathartic and transformative, evoking genuine self-care and intimacy. Yoga and mindful movement is used as a platform to move from our heads into our bodies, and is enhanced through aromatherapy, specifically working with Essential Rose Life beauty mists and oils. The products are incorporated during different phases of the experience to enhance vulnerability. Finally, we finish with a sacred herbal tea ceremony and closing circle to seal in our healing.