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“I have poured my heart and soul into formulating my own organic and natural skin care products for the health of your skin. As I am invested in your skin, I provide a personalized skin care prescription, thus I encourage you to buy natural skin care products, through my organic skin care online store or by contacting me directly for a complimentary skin analysis and consultation, to prescribe you with a treatment plan.  I work with you and your skin as long as you would like. 

Heart & Soul is dedicated to my mom and my daughter. My daughter has brought life and love into my world, and I hope my mom and dad are proud and looking down with a smile."

JULIE SHAH, CEO, Founder, Heart & Soul 

It’s hard not to be touched by Julie Shah’s warmth, sincerity and love.  Her purpose, to empower women by uniting heart, soul and body through a holistic approach to skin care, is an intention that goes in to everything Julie produces. 

The skin is the largest organ in our body and the aging process begins from the day we are born.  Our face is the window to our world, and it reflects our confidence.  At Heart & Soul their purpose is to empower women by uniting your heart and soul with your body through our holistic approach to skin care.    

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Heart & Soul is an organic and natural skin care product line, organic spa, & holistic lifestyle boutique.  The products are formulated for various age groups, for all skin types, & hospital/medical grade.  They are non-comedogenic and free of cruelty, chemical fillers, formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrances/colors/dyes/additives, and alcohol. 

Julie proudly supports, mentor, and hires women owned and operated businesses, locally & nationwide.  It is her privilege to work with them and to help build confidence for other women.  By being a part of the Heart & Soul community & purchasing the products & services, you are being a part of something much bigger; helping support more individuals and businesses through the Heart & Soul mission.