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Meet Glendy Yeung

Spirit Animal: Cat             

Five things that stir Glendy's soul:

· Sunset, every time

· Seeing deeply into the eyes of another sentient being

· Being fully in the body - movement, dance, paddle boarding

· Experiencing meditative bliss in sound, sight, scent and touch

· Love


Having successfully navigated the corporate world as cyber security executive over the past 17 years, Glendy Yeung is now sharing her spiritual practices with others.

Deeply engrossed in esoteric studies, trainings and certification programs for more than two decades, Glendy’s exploration into the disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism, Pranic Healing / Arhatic Yoga, yoga asana, yogic philosophy, meditation, mantra, sacred geometry, yantra, breath work, flower essences, crystal healing and sound healing,  provided the strong foundation for her success in the corporate world.

Glendy was inspired to share the tools and practices she has gathered to help others find balance, grounding and rejuvenation living in this modern world through her expertise in

Vibrational Healing, an alternative therapy comprised of energetic modalities that directly address the underlying temporary but debilitating obstacles of stress, pain, relationship issues, inner wounding, and stored emotional trauma on an energetic level, for the last decade. 


Through Sound Baths, Flower Essence Therapy, Crystal Healing and Pranic Healing, she enables those who work with her to shift out of disempowering vibrations physically, emotionally and mentally, gaining clarity and empowerment over the direction of their lives.