Hidden Treasure:  Wild Remedies Chaga

Wild Remedies Chaga

While you may not be familiar with Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus), it has nevertheless, been revered throughout the known world (Eurasia) for thousands of years.  Often referred to as a precious “Gift from God” and nature’s “King of Herbs”, Asian folk medicine practitioners relied upon this special mushroom, to maintain a healthy life energy balance (“Chi”), preserve youth, promote longevity and boost the immune system.”

I was introduced to Chaga about a year ago by Krysta Francoeur, founder of Wild Remedies.  When we began to lay the groundwork and search for products to showcase on Body Soul Beauty, Krysta was one of the first people I contacted.

Krysta’s initial encounter with Chaga began after hearing about its miraculous healing properties from three different sources in the span of a week. Given her history of battling chronic illness, including depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, endless sore throats and removal of her gallbladder after trying a severe diet, she felt she compelled to see if there was some validity to praises attributed to this unique food source.

A month after she began taking Chaga, Krysta’s blood pressure had normalized and she was able to lose weight while maintaining a healthy eating regime.  As her overall health significantly improved, she was committed to share the benefits of Chaga with the world, and Wild Remedies was born. 

Here are some reasons why you should put Wild Remedies Chaga at the top of your healthy foods shopping list:

  • It contains the highest antioxidant level of any natural substance found on earth as well as the highest concentration of chromogenic complex currently available.
    • 30x more potency than Acai or Gogi Berries, maximizing the potential to fight free radicals and protect the immune system.
  • It helps to lower blood sugar levels, protect the liver and aid the digestive system.
  • It’s uniquely sourced from Siberia, insuring the upmost quality and potency as well as natural, organic, vegan, sustainable and hand harvested.
  • It tastes great!
    • It can be consumed as a beverage (it tastes like a rich coffee with a dash of cinnamon) Or it can be used as an ingredient in everything from Vegan pancakes to a pumpkin pudding!

I recently interviewed her for our Member’s Spotlight feature. You can see the full interview on our YouTube Channel and purchase the product on our website.