Revitalizing Skincare


UMA Oils


UMA Oils are among the world’s finest luxury oils created from certified organic ingredients. These potent botanical oils brighten skin, repair and rapidly clarify with no harmful side effects. Nourish your skin with these luxurious holistic Ayurveda oils to provide the inner health and balance it deserves. 


Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil



Ultimate Brightening Face Oil



Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil



Anti-Aging and Brightening Face Oil Duo 


Heart & Soul Beauty


Heart & Soul Beauty is committed to meeting individual skin care needs with a customized skin care regimen, so that you LOVE YOUR SKIN, and GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Personalized & Purposeful Conceived and developed with love by Julie Shah, Heart & Soul Beauty is an homage to her daughter and her late mother. Her purpose, to empower women by uniting heart, soul and body through a holistic approach to skin care, is an intention that goes in to everything Julie produces.

All products are made with high quality 100% certified organic natural plant-based ingredients, formulated for various age groups, for all skin types, & hospital/medical grade. They are non-comedogenic and free of cruelty, chemical fillers, formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrances/colors/dyes/additives, and alcohol.  

My Eternal
My Peace
My Glow

My Eternal ™
Age Redefining - 5 in 1 Facial Oil


My Peace ™
Balance - 5 in 1 Facial Oil


My Glow ™
Sun Exposure - 5 in 1 Facial Oil


My Soul

My Soul ™


My Love

My Love ™
BuffMask - 2 in 1 Face & Body Exfoliation & Mask